Friday 02/12/2010 What's For Supper?

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some combination of sweet and sour chicken, brown rice and broccoli, onions and garlic.....dh's brother is coming in from Nashville tonight, should get here about midnight...not sure how the meals will progress today...but I am making a lot of the ingredients so I can heat up meals as folks become hungry..
well this past summer we bought a small chest freezer. (dang it holds a lot!! lol) so I am working my way through it. "Found" a four pack of beef shin bones...looks like stew!
Not sure. Not a lot of leftovers in the fridge... maybe I'll get some take away..or just have soup.
so here's the gist: making a stew with beef shins, mirepoix, bay, rosemary, cinnamon stick and chianti. serve over mashed roots. the smell is awesome. (found these critters in the back of the freezer. Had to use them. Won't eat this till Sunday, but stew always is better a day or so later!)
Tortellini with Crimini & Tomatoes

Have a chuck roast in the oven and some potatoes baking, maybe some green beans with it.

You ever been to Joe and Mimma's? I went there tonight with my wife. I got the seafood canneloni, and she got the chicken canneloni. The seafood one was in a tomato cream sauce, and the chicken has a spinach alfredo sauce. Awesome! We will be back to that place!
Another gift meal - A lot of you probably know that Friday or Saturday night is hot dog night for Dad and I. Well, My sister came in with Costco dogs with the works, fries, gravy, and root beer. We all ate and watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies together. Good food, good family, good times.
Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes (butter, sour cream, salt, ground pepper and chives), gravy and corn.


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