Fried Green Tomatoes are my friend.

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Jul 5, 2005
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Finally, green tomatoes. Well it was actually a couple days back. Anyway frying green tomatoes ranks right up there with roasting pumpkin seeds.

The victims.

I was shooting for flour in a bowl by itself but ended up with the flour in with the corn meal and spices, I just left it. We are using Knox's Yummy Chicken.

Good to go. I dredge them in the flour, then the egg and butter milk, then the spiced corn meal.

I burned the crap out of a couple of them but once the oil was right it worked out nicely.

I think instead of pickling the green cherry tomatoes this year I am going to put them on toothpicks and give them the same treatment as above.

Bryan, try some this way.

Slice the tomatoes fairly thin (certainly thick enough to stay together)

Combine 2 parts flour to 1 part white sugar.

Batter and fry to golden brown. The sugar will carmelize for a nice crispy crunch,
and the sweetness is a magnificent balance for the tartness of the tomato.
Make a lot. they are addicting.
Last weekend I finally had some time to fry some green cherry tomatoes. The only difference is that I ground the spices up until almost a powder.


There were about 30 of them but we ate them as they cooled.


The Peeps like them better than the pickled ones, at least the pickled ones from last year.
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