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Feb 25, 2010
Devon UK
I am on my second lot of Ginger Beer now. I made a yeast/sugar/ginger plant and then fed it ginger and sugar every day for seven days. The first lot I made, I made with fresh ginger, thinking that would taste better, but I used the same amount as in the recipe and it did not taste gingery at all.

So for the second lot I have used dried ginger and I think it's already tastier. I have to leave it for 7 days to mature.

I am worried that it won't last that long. The first lot, even though it wasn't very tasty was drinkable for about 4 days and then went off. I thought ginger beer would last much longer.

For the first lot I boiled the plant after diluting it with water and adding about 100 g sugar/l. I also added 2 lemons. I assumed that the lemons and sugar would keep the ginger beer from turning and I'll be able to leave it outside the fridge. (I make 1 gallon at a time and can't put it all in the fridge).

For the second lot, not only did I use dried ginger but I tried the dry and sparkling method, adding the same amount of water (1 gallon) but only 2 oz of sugar and instead of lemon juice I added1 teaspoon of ascorbic acid. I filled the ginger beer into washed milk bottles. Maybe I need to use glass bottles?

Does anyone know, what I am doing wrong? Does anyone even understand my ramblings ;)

I am a novice at brewing as you may have guessed, so any tips would be very much appreciated.
If its anything like regular beer, it needs to be bottled and capped to keep it from going over. I have no experience with Ginger Beer though.

Try putting some in a 2 liter pop bottle and cap it up. Just to see if it lasts longer.
The second lot of ginger beer was not too bad. Very refreshing with some squash but still not gingery enough. I am trying only dried ginger this time and the plant has much more of a kick already. Will be ready on Wednesday ...
Actually it wasn't ready yesterday. I forgot that I have to let it mature for a week. It smelled heavenly when I bottled it though.
Just to keep you up to date, the third lot of Ginger beer did keep longer and as we were away for Easter matured for 2 weeks. The flavour is still not stunning but mixed with squash it's a very refreshing drink. Now I am on ginger beer lot 4. This time I am using fresh yeast, just in case that makes a different and more sugar. It's just not as sparkly as commercial ginger beer. We'll be ready for bottling next Thursday.
Stopped making ginger beer for a while now. It wasn't unpleasant but not as nice as I thought it might be.

Just a few days ago I found a home brewing shop in my town, all tucked away in the market!! They sell ginger beer kits. May try this next but at the moment it's elderflower time and I am on my third lot of elderflower sirup, delicious.
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