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Feb 4, 2003
'Bout noon yesterday I tossed a cupful of breadflour in a bowl, about 3/4 of a packet of dry yeast (I'd used some of it previously) and a cup of water. Stirred it all together thoroughly, and stuck a plate on top, intending to let it sit for three days for sourdough starter.

This morning I read that if fermenting yest has oxygen available, it multiplies up to 20 times as fast. So, for the heck of it, I took a whisk to that bubbly sponge I had and whipped air into it.

An hour or so later, BW informed me she'd like some French for lunch tomorrow. Soooo - well, the sponge had a little sour note to it, so I dummped in some flour and salt, mixed it, turned it out on a floured board, and kneaded it by hand. Balled it, put it in an oiled bowl, and set it aside.

Wow! It really took off! In about 40 minutes it had quadrupled in size.

So I rolled it into a baguette shappe and in thirty minutes it was over double size.

Popped it into a cold oven set for 450 F and 30 minutes. Came out very light, with a very hard crust (BW likes it that way 0 I don't.

Good b french bread, but not sour enough.
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