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Assistant Cook
Aug 13, 2010
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hello everyone, I'm Amanda! I found this website looking for some recipes. I am originally from the southern portion of the US. I recently moved to Canada to be with my husband, who is Colombian/Russian. Needless to say, I've had to learn how to cook some pretty interesting things I've never had before! haha

Everyone in my family cooks or enjoys cooking. My cousin owns and operates two restaurants in Arkansas and my parents are opening a Cajun restaurant soon. My brother says we come from a long line of choppers. haha Well, I love to cook and try new things. I would like to go to culinary school but I'm working on a degree in Psych right now. I can't decide between my two passions! :ROFLMAO:

Anyway, I look forward to reading some of your recipes and sharing my own!

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