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Jan 4, 2005
For those of you who don't know, I'm referring to Uncle Bubba, (AKA- Fatso)

Let's make a friendly wager on tonights game.

If the Skins Win, you used my avatar until the next game. If they lose I will use the avatar of your choice.
Captain Morgan said:
bettin on the Skins = not a great idea

Very true, I'm taking a chance.......but just imagine the satisfaction one of us will get. It's a high stakes gamble, but worth it.
Uncle Bubba said:
You're on. There's no guarantees in the NFL...especially with crappy lines like both team have.

Put the big mac down and stop making excuses ALREADY!
Nick Prochilo said:
That avatar is pretty small. It should be in proportion to the person using it!
It's proportionate to Nick's brain and Witt's cock...or is it Witt's brain and Nick's cock. Can never tell the difference...is there one?
Why did my you can't say phuck and penis get deleted, but Nick's penis post stayed? This is a conspiracy!
Now fellas...let us put this unhappy exchange behind us. It would be nice if all of the involved parties were to apologize and give each other a big shirtless cyber hug.

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