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Sep 26, 2021
Over the last few years, I have slowly grown an appreciation for cooking. I wouldn't go as far as to say the kitched is my room, or that I think I'm a chef, but I don't mind cooking a nice meal, especially when it means spending time with my wife.

Speaking of the wife, she has always used non-stick (teflon) cookware as her main daily choice. Fine, but I've had to learn not to use metal utinsels, and proper teflon cooking procedures, not washing in the dishwasher, as well as deal with pots and pans replacement on a semi-regular basis.

A few months ago my father showed me how to pan-sear steak, so I ended up buying my first cast iron flat skillet. Had to learn new cooking and cleaning methods, as well as deal with seasoning the pan. The biggest lesson ... don't cook your eggs on new cast iron until it's been through a few cooking and reseasoning cycles. Over time, I did learn to fry my eggs with minimal stickage!

We're now up to 3 cast iron cookwares, the flat skillet, a 12" carbon-steel pan (which I handle the same as cast iron), and my wife's new 10" deep skillet with lid.

Cast iron is a whole different way of thinking. I don't even worry about washing them if I can wipe them out and just reseason on the stove.

The reason I joined here is to learn more about cooking styles and methods, and maybe to get some new recipes!
Welcome to DC. I have three CI skillets and two enameled cast iron dutch ovens. Love the way they cook.
Hello & welcome to DC, AO! Funny, that is how my DH said his name when very young. He tried to say, "Michael" but it came out "A.O."

I'm relatively new to DC too. So far, I found the group to be a friendly, helpful and welcoming group! Take a look around and jump right in!
Welcome to the forum!

I also have a bunch of CI pans - several seasoned ones, and several enameled ones. I even have a CI wok, that I always use for certain things. Cooking in CI is great, for a lot of things, but different cookware is good for different things. NS is better for a lot of things, but not for browning things, yet we still see professionals on TV using NS for browning! You learn fairly quickly which type of pan is best for what recipes, and you'll soon find your favorites.
Welcome to Discuss Cooking. I like having different types of cookware. I have cast iron skillets, enamelled cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, a small sauce pan, and even a flat bottomed wok. I also have a set of stainless steel pots & pans, as well as non-stick skillet, a ScanPan, so it shouldn't need frequent replacement. It's still doing well after four years.

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