Hi, my name is Shawn...and I'm a chef

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Assistant Cook
Apr 21, 2004
nashville, tn
hello to all.

i'm a frequenter of a completely different message board, that looks remarkably like this one. someone just yesterday, posted that YOU were OUR alternate dimension. so, in the spirit of "sliders", i decided to stop in and check things out.

i'm originally from huntsville, alabama, but have lived in and out of nashville, tn for the last 7 years. i went to culinary school here, right out of high school, and have worked various jobs from cook to chef and back in five places since. i love to travel, i love to eat, i love to cook, and i love to learn.

any other nashvillians out here?
Hi ChefShawn!! WELCOME!!!! :D The more chefs the better. I look forward to your input and ideas! ;) Also, we have some great topics popin' in the General Chat area. Please feel free to join in on any of our topics! I can speak for most everyone by saying that we would love to hear more about you and your thoughts on the posted topics.
Thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy your time here. These guys on the forum are really the best people! :D
Thanks for checking us out! WQe have a few chefs here already and a lot of great cooks. Jump in and share as often as you like.
I, too, am from Chef Shawn's dimension, i.e., the "other" cooking board. It is unbelievable how similar we are. We ask each other the same kind of questions, have the same kind of debates, etc.
Pie Susan
Welcome to both of you!!! An alternate board out that like us huh. Kind of reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine meets three other guys she befriends who are like (but opposites of) Jerry, George, and Kramer. Bizzaro world.

Well I hope you enjoy the site and please jump right in and make this your home :)
Hi ChefShawn,

Welcome! This is a great forum and the people are awesome. Since I've found this site, it's taken my pleasure of cooking/baking to a whole new level! :)

I'm not sure if this is allowable...but what's the other msg board? I would love to go visit the alternate universe just to poke around and cause trouble. :)
hi chefshawn, welcome. I am only a nashvillian by music taste. Glad you found us. We will be waiting for some awesome recipes.
hiya chefshawn, welcome to the 5th dimension. i like your name. it should be said really fast, while doing a lunge, giving both thumbs up. :D

we will assimilate you and add your distinctiveness to our own. resistance is futile...
Hay Shawn

I am new to the site but I would like to say hello, I too am a chef at a Seafood Resteraunt in New York. I hope to share my cooking with all, but most important is to learn form all. hope to speak to you soon. :D
Welcome to all the new members! :clap:

We have a great bunch here ... from those just learning to cook on their own, to culinary school students/grads, and a bunch of us that ain't had no more learnin' than from our grandmas.

We're all here to share and learn from each other ... and the only stupid question you could ever have is the one you didn't ask.

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