Honey Chipotle Ham and Mashed Potatoes

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Sous Chef
Jan 11, 2009
Kansas City, MO
I had a honey chipotle rub/glaze in the cupboard that needed to be used. It had a nice bite to it, but because it's a ham that bite was only on the outside pieces. It's hard to beat a bone-in ham regardless how it's cooked. "Cooked" this on the grill with a chunk of apple. Took about 3 hours, but I had a pan with water under the grate to help keep the heat down/steady.




Looks outstanding. Your ham just reminded me that I have a gift certificate from Christmas at the Honey Baked Ham Store I need to use. Hope its still good.
bbquzz said:
So maybe I could just come on out to KC and get some lessons? :LOL: That is a great lookin' plate Shores!

Only if I get to head up north to the cabin afterwards! I'd be in heaven with that lake, grilling and beer!
Dang now that looks mighty tasty. I only met one chipolte which was upleasant to non Texicans. It was in a small can marked about abodo. It would put a fire in the coola to most folks. Could possibly make them from North of the Brazos cry big crockodile tears. Lot of puss cakes N. or Fine job sir
Man that looks good. There are many things I can't turn down and you nailed a two in one with chipotle and ham.
Tri Tip said:
Yum. I love ham! What kind of lump ya usen there?

I used The Good-One Natural Lump charcoal on this cook. It's usually that or Royal Oak Lump, but the Wal-Mart by me stopped selling RO :evil: . I've been thinking about trying Best Choice Lump that I've seen at the local market, but haven't yet.
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