How long can I keep turkey or beef droewors and biltong in the fridge or freezer?

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are they opened?
looking up the differences - which one are you particularly looking at?
You can look it up on google -
I believe biltong, unopened, will last indefinitely.
droewors, according to what I've just seen - in the fridge, well sealed, 2-4 months. Freezer indefinitely.
Biltong can be kept forever outside the fridge. It will just get drier.
Do not keep in plastic though, but unpacked or in paper bags. It may go mouldy in plastic.

It can be kept in the freezer as well.
Personally, I wouldn't keep it in the fridge, but there is actually no real reason not to, unless your fridge is very humid inside

Same applies to droe wors.

Never seen turkey biltong, although I have had ostrich biltong.
I prefer beef and kudu ;)
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