how often do you go food shopping, and where?

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Aug 19, 2004
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i just got my orders for this afternoon's soirtee from my c.o. (dw), and i have to go food shoping for more things. costco for paper towels, and whatever else i find. wine and meats are good there. then to petsmart for bird food. then back to pathmark for formula and a few other things, or the a&p if they don't have everything.

it got me to thinking after yesterday's topic. how often do you go food shopping, and how many places or resources do you use to satisfy the gourmand in you...

i have the choice, within 5 minutes drive from home, of 2 a&p's, 2 pathmark's, several italian and asian deli's or food markets, and 2 costco's. i go food shopping usually 2 times a week, but will also go to small markets and deli's another 1 or 2 times for special stuff.
Im a Superstore person. been shopping there since ethey opened here and I cant seem to buy as much at other places for the same cost. I know the prices where I can make my list and come within a couple dollars of it. I also visit Walmart since they got their food section, and the odd time the village store.....

I shop for most groceries every two weeks and anything that was forgotten in between then....
I go to the commissary - every 7-10 days or so for meat, canned stuff, dairy, pet food, paper stuff - etc, then to our big grocery - HEB - a couple times a week for fresh veggies, fish, seafood and 'special' items or brands they don't carry at the commissary. Anything else besides wallyworld is more than 20 minute drive so not really worth it to me and a few years ago I made a vow not to buy groceries where you get your oil changed. I do need to check out whole foods [~45 minute round trip] to see if they have anything worth the trip...
I go every 2 weeks for my main shopping. I may have to stop in every now and then in between if I decide to make something else though. I tend to go shop in my hometown. We have a store called County Market that has a really nice meat and produce section. Sometimes I go to a smaller store called Price Less because they too have nice meat. As far as boxed, canned, household cleaners, etc... I generally just get those at Wal-Mart as they are usually cheaper. I do pick up a few things at the Dollar General Store though. But mainly its County Market and Wal-Mart.
Whenever the supply gets low, and usually the commissary on base for general all-purpose stuff, and Fresh Market for my produce, meats and specialty, imported goods.
Safeway about once a week to stock up. Lightning trips to same in between if I decide I want to make something else instead. Costco for paper goods, garlic bread, TP, large amounts of meat/fish, and to eat the samples.

No gourmet stores within a reasonable driving distance, so I tend to use ordinary ingredients for most things.
I stop at the supermarket just about every night on the way home from work. About once a month or so we will hit BJ's when we need things like cat food, paper towels, or other bulk items.
Buckytom, Hi.

First I'm gonna be hummin that tune re your quote all night...can't think of the name...hey mister can you tell me....

Oh Food Shopping. The I N T E R N E T of course. There are two major chains out here in La La Land that deliver to your door for bout $10.00. You place your order on line & pick your time of delivery. They don't have much in the way of gourmet, but you can get the bulk of foods you need, without road rage, looking for a parking spot, (& when the chauffeur is gone auditioning for his next gig). Might want to check it out.

A big chain out here I've gone to (when I dare venture out into the mad, mad, mad world), is the 99 cent store. They're pretty good for things like, bread, bagels, cleaning products, canned goods, paper towels, etc. If you go in for one thing, beware, you might come out with a dozen. Maybe the Yellow Pages might list one close by. Have a swingin soirée!!!
I go major shopping at Costco, Trader Joe's, etc. once a month or so in Reno. I will stop at the local grocery store 1-3 times per week. Sometimes, I wish that I lived in a bigger town to have more variety. The local grocery store just pretty much sticks to the basics. No smoked Gouda there. I buy it at Costco. Trader Joe's has to be my favorite store.
We have a pretty good size deep freeze so I buy the meat supply and most staples once a month.

But as for things like milk, bread, butter, eggs, cheese, potatoes and so on I look for bargins in out 3 local grocerie stores on a weekly basis.
I've got 5 major grocery stores within 5 minutes of me (one is actually an oversized gourmet kinda place) ... and a couple of discount places that sell canned goods ... and a convenience store right across the street.

I usually only shop once a week ... make my list and check it twice like Santa ... and make the rounds for what is on sale - and plan my menu accordingly. Of course, sometines I get a craving and deviate from the menu ....
mish said:
Buckytom, Hi.

First I'm gonna be hummin that tune re your quote all night...can't think of the name...hey mister can you tell me....quote]

pssst, mish, it's "the weight", great old tune...

take a load off fanny....
Weekly, on Saturdaze, every second week at the specialty butchershop, other than that, weekly at the "80 acre" Fortino's superstore, with brief forays to a few other specialty shops where you can get "brand specific" ingredients that the big guys neglect to carry...

I only go to Walmart in desperate need. I don't dislike the store, but I just can't stand the skinny isles, big shopping carts and people who don't watch where they're going. I go there usually in the late evening or VERY early morning, excluding Saturdays. I go to a local supermarket occasionally...but my fav store is this italian deli.. I'm there most often.
Usually on Monday after checking the sale flyers in the Sunday paper. Occasionally on Friday if the local stores have any good specials that day. No gourmet stores here, just two supermarkets (they are fairly nice tho) and Walmart.
Meat @ COSTCO once a month.
Veggies and other cooking stuff @ GnG 2 times per week.
All else @ Kmart, Longs, Target as often as needed.

Over 23 years of marriage it has progressed from I'll shop (wife) cause you get wrong stuff ot I (husband) cook (100%of time) and buy the food.

I kinda like it better that way....

Today I shopped until I dropped. I went to Costco, BestBuy, Winco, Lowe's, Trader Joe's, Hallmark Store, Mervyn's, Target, Tower of Records, Baby's R Us, lunch at Quizno's and dinner at the Asian Wok. I know all of that was not food shopping, but when I go to town I make the most of my time and gas money.

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