I have lamb neck bones...

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Sep 6, 2004
i want to make something soupy or stewy or something like that...
maybe in the crockpot. I have a 1.5lbs of neck bones. What to do?
roast the bones for about 45 min to an hour with some veg like onion carrot celery (rustic cut), salt pepper, a littl olive oil. (350*) when browned, deglaze the pan with a little water, add to pot, also put in pot: broth (chicken) and the veg and bones. simmer a couple hours for a great rich lamb flavored broth. You can use this for a soup or stew or curry etc. THere is meat on the bones so take it off. If you are going for a stew or even a soup, puree the original veg and add as thickening.

Lamb goes well with tomatoes and basil (soup), tomato paste and spices for a curry (with potatoes, chick peas, the meat, carrots, peas etc.) serve over rice.

Traditional lamb stew with potatoes and carrots, turnips, parsley, served with soda bread.

I think I would do it exactly like robbo described...

you could try it with a herb-crust :
herbs de procence
olive oil
1/2 cup Pesto
4gloves garlic

press the garlic and stir in all herbs and everything.
cover the lamb with the paste and bake for 1,5h at 200°C
I agree with above, but I am big fan of mushroom barley soup, Roast the bones as above then sautee mushrooms, celery and onions in the rendered fat. Add to a soup pot along with barley carrots and water. Cook until the barley is is cooked through and season to taste.
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