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Sep 11, 2021
i love iija. it's a patty made of eggs, grated potatoes, spices, green onions and shallow fried.

i bought it in a baguette and ate it cold. when it's cold it's more firm.

inside is white cabbage, 'prepared tahini', onions, hot chutney pickles and fried eggplants.

one of my favorite foods........


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Both those fillings sound great! Are they both in the same baguette?
Or did you buy two? I would have probably bought two, not being able to make up my mind which I liked best.
Where is this iija from? I looked it up to find a recipe (though it'd be pretty easy to replicate from what you said, sounds similar to if you mixed a frittata/hash brown) but after a quick internet search I found nothing on this lovely morsel.
@SEEING-TO-BELIEVE, do you mind writing iija in Hebrew? If I had the original spelling I might be able to find a translation or a different transliteration that might yield some internet search results, even in English.
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