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Sep 8, 2004
What's for dinner tonight?

Me, one of the cheapest people I know is actually buying a group of us pizza. You know the type I mean, the one who gets invited to a pot luck and brings one tiny thing, enough to serve about 2-3, when he knows that there are 12+ at the party!

Yup, so he's buying us all pizza and I'm going to eat and stuff my face on pure principle! hehehe. (I'm not even a huge pizza fan.)
He's asked everyone to bring a bottle of red wine. I'm not going to...hehehe...he always does this to me, I ask to him to bring something and he will bring something else (only because it's last minute and cheap). So I'm bringing a bottle of white wine I have left from another party. :-p I know it's petty, but I'm sure going to have a blast!!!!
Way to go htc. LOL. Let us know how it turns out. Love to hear about his reaction. Sometimes the only way to get through to those types, is serve them a piece of their own pie!!!
I agree with Barbara. Some folks are thick headed or just dont care.

I would do the opposite though. Either not go. OR if I did I would buy 3 times what was expected. Kill with kindness I say. :cool:
hahah, It was fun. I was not the only one who brought white wine. :LOL: He made a comment about it, though I don't think he got the connection either. Oh, well, I had fun...little things make me happy. :rolleyes:

Thoough, he didn't end up w/ enough pizza. (I'm not surprised) The last guy who showed up ended up not having enough. Poor guy.

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