Interesting old recipe for turkey stuffing

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di reston

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Mar 25, 2010
Calosso, Piemonte
I've been sorting out my collection of hand-written recipes, and I came across an interesting recipe for a stuffing for either Thanksgiving or Christmas - I know it's way too early, but I don't want to forget to do it! The page, which I took out of a notebook, is very dog-eared and yellow, but I can make out what the recipe is: OK, here we go!: - it's written lbs and ounces, way before Britain joined the EU:

1lb lean pork coarsely minced
Sautè 1 large onion in 2 tbsp butter unti transparent but not browned
1/2 lb frozen leaf spinach, to take on the flavour of the onions
Add the pork and mix well with the spinach
Now, in another bowl put 1/4lb each of the following:

diced bacon
diced tongue
diced pork fat
diced chicken livers, to incorporate when you come to add
the cream and gelatine
Mix together with the pork and spinach mix and

2 cloves garlic
2 tbsp fresh basil
2 tbsp tarragon
4 - 6 leaves rosemary
coarsely ground nutmeg
! if using dried herbs, halve the quantities, except the the parsley.
Sautè the chicken livers first, until lightly cooked, just until they to stiffen on the outside, and then sautè the other meats lightly
Beat 4 eggs, season liberally with
black pepper
cayenne (1/4 tsp max)
Mix into the meat, then add coarsley ground nutmeg.
Beat the mix again
Now add 1/4 pint thick fresh cream together with the gelatine dissolved in a little cold water (2 tbs gelatine in a little water.
Check for seasoning and correct if necessary, bearing in mind that you will be wrapping the mix in the pan either with pork fat or thin bacon. The meats should be cooked through when you do this.

Oven - cook for 30mins at 350F° then turn the heat down to 300°F. The recipe doesn't say whether to leave to cool in the oven, or take it out and leave it to cool at room temperature.

It makes - I recall - a delicious and elegant starter. We won't talk about calories!

di reston

Enough is never as good as a feast Oscar Wilde
Hi, Di. Pâté definitely makes more sense than turkey stuffing! ;)

I have a few questions:
- Is the sautéed onion added to the pork and spinach?
- About how much bacon, tongue and pork fat should be added? How much does the recipe yield?
- It doesn't say how much parsley to use, either fresh or dried.
- You say it will be wrapped in bacon or pork fat, but the directions seem to say the meats are all diced and included in the mixture. There's no instruction to wrap it in anything before baking.

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