Irish Cream Truffles Help?

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May 5, 2011
Buffalo, Ny
I always make truffles for holidays and have them pretty down. I use 1/4 heavy cream and 6 tbsp butter for each batch. I want to start adding flavors to them but the last time that I made a batch with Irish Cream Liquor the Mix never hardened like it always does. I've tried a few times and I cant figure out what to do.
I dont like when the mix isnt set because it takes so long to try and coat in chocolate. Its more oozy and more fudge frosting like.
can someone help me with the chemestry for making flavored truffles that arent oozy?
Hi, Melzie. How much of the Irish Cream do you add? You might try putting the mixture in the freezer until it is firm enough to scoop.
After adding the liquor, try adding an equal amount, by volume, of confectioner's sugar.

Also, let the truffle mix set for a while (perhaps 10 minutes) after adding the liquor in order to give some of the alcohol to evaporate, reducing the liquid in the mix.
Your liquid ratio must stay the same. If you use, say 1 TBSP of liqueur, then use 1 TBSP less of cream. This should help.

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