ISO: Hearty, thick, spicy sausage slow cooker recipe.

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I don't get it, why in the world are they all up-side down? They looked fine when I saved them on my "Desktop"
They don't look upside down here, Charlie, but they do look fantastically delicious!
Thank you much, Charlie.
I'm making a cole slaw run tomorrow. I've got everything else.
Thanks for the pics, too. It looks fantastic. Different than my usual fare, which will be a nice change.
Thank you and welcome. It is supper easy and fast. Actually had some for breakfast this morning.

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I'm thinking of using that Hillshire Farms Kielbasa and saving my hot dogs for something else, like beans.
That sounds good, I too prefer something more substantial than a hot dog.

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Excellent meal, Charlie. Thanks for the recipe. I also served it alongside some mashed potatoes and it was a perfect accompaniment.

I've got a question though, what makes this Polish? You mention salt and seasoning... what is the seasoning? I simply used salt and pepper, but was wondering the whole time If I should be using something else.
Or is it the main ingredients that makes thie Polish? The cabbage, kraut and kielbasa?
Being called "hunters' stew" I am curious. Curious what makes this Polish?


Looking forward to the leftovers. I'll be making this again.
With the mixed-up history of Eastern Europe, it's probably just fate that it ended up being called a Polish dish. If Ukraine had been more successful politically during the 14th century, it might be the national dish of Ukraine :)

Pac, one of my favorite authors is James Michener and, because DH's family is Polish, one of my favorite books of his is "Poland." Michener's books are historical novels that follow the history of place for over 1,000 years, typically. I reread "Poland" last year and I loved it again. Just in case you're interested :)
Yes, a lot of foods are like that. Everyone wants to claim it as their own, but sometimes there are regional differences.

Here was my effort, Charlie.
I did add the red bell pepper. And instead of a little water to help the cabbage cook, I had a beer in my hand anyway, so a splash of that went in :rolleyes:
And to keep this somewhat OT, I saw no reason everything could not have been added to a crock pot and slow cooked for several hours.


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I finally realized that I'm not posting right from my phone. So the response I typed up last night went into nowhere.
I guess Garlic is correct about Poland. Though they did occupied Ukraine for quite a while the Bigos is the only dish that I know of, whose origin credited to Poland. There might be others, but people think those dishes are Ukrainian. I suppose it is the same the other way around.

Pac, What you did looks really good. I put up some sauerkraut up yesterday. Next time I make this I will sure use some of it. Adds a whole another dimension to it.

Third and fourth pictures I am slicing the apples. I put them in the middle of the cabbage, tastes very interesting when everything is said and done. My mandolin needs to be upgraded. It is a homemade mandolin, that I made before leaving the soviet union so it is like 25 years old and wood is just to dried out and too warped now. I would have made new one but to re-grind the blades would cost me more than $100 dollars at that rate I can almost find a new mandolin.


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I don't understand, again, why are the pictures side ways this time? They look fine when I save them on my desktop.
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