ISO help/tips on making cheese sauce

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I am just wondering if the soda and lemon is a stronger flavor that might not meld with the flavor of cheese very well? I mean, yeah, it is basically the same thing and I read that sodium citrate is referred to as "sour salt"...but maybe they figured out a way to tamp down the flavor in the commercial stuff to make it less bold flavored?
I just tasted some. It has the texture of a fine salt, but not much flavor, not salty and not sour, kind of a nothing flavor.
Jusa, I really don't think it is enough to flavour your cheeses. Remember the small amount necessary. In the video he is adding 200 g - which is approx. 2 cups of cheese. Plus more liquids as well. As well, he mentions the sour is not there as it has been neutralized.
Just guessing - never having done either!
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