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Jan 11, 2004
tampa bay area, FL
hi everyone! it's been a long time! we've been so busy with our move, there's been no time for much else. i hope everyone is doing well and has exciting plans for the holiday!
i would like to know if anyone has an opinion on jenn-air ranges. i am looking at a particular model and will just add this link here instead of trying to explain which model it is and all the features:
i hope that worked! :?
i have been doing some research and it seems as though convection is the way to go. do you agree? what are the pros and cons? i have always used your standard oven with nothing fancy, so i'm not sure what to expect with anything else. i also love the grill feature and would definitely utilize it. as far as i know, jenn-air is the only line that carries the grill with convection oven combo in my price range ($2500 or less), so don't go and suggest how nice the viking ranges are or the thermador, etc....LOL! i would love to have a nice shiny viking range in my kitchen and tried to convince my husband that i should since i'm swedish and all, but he did not go for it. :roll:
my husband wondered if the range could be fueled with a standard grill propane tank (this did not sound one bit safe to me. a propane tank stored in one of my kitchen cabinets? yikes!) but, what do i know.
any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!
First, I can only give you an opinion based on MY style of cooking. For me (and...if I am looking at the right model) 2 burners wouldn't cut it and the grill part is too small. In fact we looked at a few downdraft ranges and determined that the downdraft took up too much precious room (remember; there are only 2 sizes of kitchen for a cook; a little too small and WAY too small) so we went to the old exhaust out of the roof type.
I do not own a convection oven but think they are a great idea!
thanks for the opinion bubbagourmet. i thought the same thing about only having 2 burners, but i am under the impression that the grill accepts an optional 2 burner module. i would have to look into this to be sure. there are times when i use only one burner, but then there are times when i use all four! the grill feature is small, but i am looking just for room to grill a couple of chicken breasts or burgers. we would definitely still need our outdoor grill for get-togethers. thanks again!
My parents bought one...

......because I cozed them into it.......I wanted to see if I would like it other than spending a lung on a Wolf Range with grill, griddle, burners, and double infra red oven :oops:

While it is no Wolf.......

It's quite nice....

The grill well to me it doesn' t get hot searing is....well...not exactly searing....

They bought it with 2 grills and 4 Halogen rounds...they just click off...really plan your meal and set up the stove...

The Oven with convection is quite nice....
thanks for the info bam. good to know the burners are interchangeable. my husband and i are going to the showroom this weekend to take a look at it as well as some dishwashers, and speak to a salesperson for more info.
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