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Mar 17, 2010
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about screen names here, and how/why they were picked. Some are very creative. Thought this might be interesting if anyone cares to share.

I've used the name Kayelle from my earliest days on the internet. KL was my late husbands pet name for me, as my real first name is Kathy-Lee (get it?) If we had ever had a daughter, my husband wanted to name her Kayelle, it's a nice name I think. Anyway, that's the story.
My early online name was from an old joke, but I changed it over a year ago when my best friend called me an "Ogre" in her blog. (she was joking...or was she?) So I became PrincessFiona60, the number for my birthyear. DH is "Shrek" and my parents, "The King" and "The Queen," live in "Far, Far, Away." I am a minor celebrity on the blog.
Mine is very simple when I fist joined my daughter, her DH and our first baby boy were living with us while there house was being built. Well that little boy become my boy as soon as I held him. I lived to take care of him and still do His parents knew how I felt and encourged the love we have for each other. As soon as he could talk he called me Ma. so when i needed a name I chose Kadesma and all the kids call me Ma. You should see the double takes I get when the say "ma" it makes you want to slp your knee with laughter. But I tell you it makes me so proud to here a little voice say,"love you Ma'
Memory is so bad, that I gave up and just used my own. Know it isn't the most secure and wise thing to do ... oh, well.
Interesting reading Andy....especially the reason for your name :LOL:
However I've never seen the vast majority of those who responded to those old threads. Sad. Where the heck did they all go?

I just posted those links for background on some older members so newbies can see them. True, a lot of them are gone.

It's interesting to read some of the explanations.

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