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Feb 19, 2021
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire
I am not a very good cook, mainly from not trying for the most of my life. Have been experimenting a bit lately and is a lot of hit and miss, I get things wrong most of the time so hope I can ask questions on here and get some good advice without me feeling stupid.

Have googled loads but you get so much mixed response that I decided to do what I did with gardening where I joined a forum and got so much help that I knew I should do the same with cooking :yum:
Welcome to Discuss Cooking, sus.

We love answering questions and helping people improve their cooking skills. We have a lot of good recipes here too.
Welcome, sus. :)

Yup. This is the place to as cooking questions. These people know what they are doing.


Hi sus, and Welcome to DC!

yup, a great many know what they are doing .... and then there are people like me who THINK they know what they are doing... :LOL:
Thank you all for a lovely welcome, wilk start having a look around. Pepperhead I am on gardenersworld.com. fantastic site and have had loads of my problems with gardening sorted there
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