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Kitchen remodeling is something that most of us have either done or at least seriously contemplated. It’s an agonizing process and a strain on any relationship. The thought behind this thread is that the more practical help we can get on kitchen remodeling the better.
The inspiration for this thread was when I realized that I know of 5 kitchens that have recently had complete remodels; each is very nice & each is very different. So, I talked to our friends & got their permission to photograph their kitchens and for them to answer a series of questions. I also have their agreement to answer any questions that you may have. (The answers will come through me as I want to maintain privacy for my friends.)
In each post there will be a complete description of the kitchen along with lots of photos.
In addition here is a list of standard questions I intend to ask.
Q. What was your kitchen before it was a kitchen?
Q. How large is the kitchen?
Q. What kind of cooking do you do? Family? Dinner parties? Ethnic? Gourmet?
Q. What were the 3 top goals for your new kitchen?
Q. What was the biggest problem that had to be over come?
In the design phase ? During actual construction ?
Q. What are you most pleased about in your new kitchen?
Q. Least pleased about?
Q. If you were doing your kitchen again what would you change?
What I’m looking for with this initial thread starting post is feedback. How much interest is there in the topic? Are there other questions I should be asking? Would anybody else like to write up their kitchen once they’ve seen these write ups Home Remodeling Contractor?
I’ll be starting with our own kitchen so here’s a teaser picture.
Hello. What would one expect to pay for a kitchen remodel? I know, I know, it depends on size, the type of cabinets, countertops, etc. I am looking for an average, ball-park figure that most people could expect to pay for a total do-over, including floor, cabinets, counters, backsplash, appliances. We are not going for expensive Sub-Zero type appliances but will most likely opt for a separate stove top and wall oven. We already have a dishwasher and refridgerator. I am not going the do-it-yourself route as DH has not the time and I have not the talent or muscle power. I am thinking this is going to cost around 35K. Does that seem reasonable? I know I can get a kitchen for much less but I want something nicer than the standard tract home model. I was talking with one kitchen remodel company in Dallas and he said the average remodel that his company does is 100K
I think 100 is probably a more high-end cost. Pretty sure you can do it for your 35 to 40. I suggest you price everything in the quantities you want add it up and double the total for your labour.

eg, If your floor is 100 square feet, you know how much flooring you need. Do the same for your cupboards, and counter top. Lighting, sinks etc. Then get some quotes from several companies. If needs be, ask them to break down the costs. Reputable companies will help you.
Remember to think about the time line too.

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