kitchenelf, I need help with slices of sin!!

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Jun 16, 2002
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Elf, I am FINALLY going to make your slices of sin recipe for my granddaughter's graduation party. Question: does the loaf pan go into a pan of cool water when it goes into the oven or after it comes out? Sorry to be so dense here, but since we all know what happens to hot glass when it encounters cold liquid, I'm wondering if the paragraphs somehow got switched around? Or do I need to use a Corningware pan?

This looks SO scrumptious! I think I'm going to have to spoon out a bit of batter into a tiny pan so I can try it right away. Otherwise it'll never survive until party day!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks :!: :) :)
Hi leigh - I hope I'm not too late. The pan goes in the water when it comes out of the oven. The water doesn't have to be ice cold, just cold tap water. Your glass loaf pan should stand up to it. They're sturdier than the pitcher I poured hot tea in one time :roll: I used a metal pan so I never even thought about that issue.

kitchenelf, thanks!!

Hi, Elf, thanks for the info! :D :D Somehow or other I got the impression that one was supposed to bake this only in a glass pan - I have a couple of nifty metal loaf pans so . . . I am ALL SET! :D

There's still plenty of time - party isn't until June 28. Honoree is going to be sooooo surprised: all she thinks I'm making is lasagna!! :mrgreen:
You will love this recipe - just make sure you make it ahead of time - allow it to sit in refrigerator for about 5 days before the "big" day!
Will do - either Saturday or Sunday, depending . . . I can hardly wait to get a taste of this! Not that I'm a chocoholic or anything like that, no siree, not I, oh no, no indeed, never. Uh-UH. Not. No way. :shock:

Come back and see us soon and often, Guest! Love to have you join us any time - you sound like our kind of people!! :D
ROFL leigh - "guest" was me - I forget I need to sign in each and every time I log on. I don't think it's really supposed to be like that and I keep forgetting!!! So, YES, I am "our kind of people"!!!! BUT - thanks for the invitation anyway! :P ;)

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