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Mar 7, 2005
Auckland, New Zealand
An ex-pat from the UK now living in Auckland, NZ. Moved out here for the BBQ lifestyle (well maybe the weather and people too!), so on the look out for some innovative ideas to enjoy outdoors.

Cooking has been a passion for a long while and like to try anything and everything. So bring on the recipes, bring on the culture and bring on the fun!
Hi Hummer, welcome, I am an Australian ex-pat living in the UK!! I miss the barbecue lifestyle, and the weather, but I do like English pubs!!! :LOL:
Hi Hummer - glad you found us. We just transferred to this new site we are using - working out a few issues - but hoping to have a forum devoted to grilling/smoking/outdoor cooking.

welcome hummer. i am trying to find an upside down font so yous guys down under can finally turn your monitors upright...:)
Welcome to the group, Hummer! We have a lot of great aussie folks on the board so I'm sure you'll feel right at home. Can't wait to see some of your good recipes!

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