Lots of Rhubarb!

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Strawberry rhubarb crumble with ice cream


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My mother made rhubarb pie long ago when I was 6 yrs old. I didn't mind it. Haven't had it since. I can't remember the taste to this day. :LOL:
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It's "that" time of year again - RHUBARB!! I planted rhubarb because I love the large lovely leaves but it has to be harvested to grow well. This year I have a bumper crop and have made pie, popsicles, chutney, sauce and more - it's still growing. GROWING.

Last year I donated a bunch to the local food pantry but this year they are no longer accepting fresh foods. This year I located a "Buy Nothing" Facebook Group for my town and have begun posting up free Rhubarb as it is harvested.

Any new ideas for great Rhubarb uses?
We also used to eat it raw too but don't remember dipping in water. Never ate too much as between the sugar and the rhubarb your mouth was pretty raw.
I planted some rhubarb here last year - something ate it - hope they got a tummy ache. Did not survive.
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