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Yes its a real common flavor/color booster for weak beef broths. If a person uses good broth they wont be needing the stuff. Them who uses water on beef stew as opposed to broth now they might could use some. If they didnt have any decent beef soup base on hand. There is another brand of the stuff which I forget the name of right now. My Mama always had some cuz she put water in the stew. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jeff, think I may pick one up next trip to the store. May be fun. Ya can do so much with woster, and mojoes. But it gets boring after a while. Looking for something new. Hope this it.

My BIL puts some of that in his turkey gravy. I have tasted some right out of the bottle and its pretty nasty but its great in his gravy.
Kitchen Bouquet yep thats the one we always used. Thanks for the memory booster. Hope you put that stuff to good use Pigs.

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