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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
Not many of us can do this anymore. I did it in my 40's. We babysat a friend's 3 year old, and baby girls. The three year old had this cute little strut, and was so seld assured for her age. Both kids were as adorable as could be.

We always had three to four foot of snow on the level in our front yard. I would throw on my jacket, as i was going to be working, and didn't want to start sweating, grabbed a snow shovel, and dug a three foot path to the yard center. I'd then dig to the ground, a ten foot wide doughnut, piling the snow 6 foot high around the circle to act as a wind block, and to give me a pile of snow to sculpt. If there wasn't enough snow from the yard, I'd carry it from the snow piles on either side of the driveway.

The center mount was packed down to hip level, and made a three foot wide circle. I sprayed it with mist over several days after carving the center mound into a serving table. Benches made of snow wee formed on three sides. In the side walls, I sculpted couches large enough to place an air pad, and blankets. I then misted those, and the table benches until they too were ice. I had a single burner Coleman white gas stove, that also had a coffee can sized metal topper, so that could either be used as a heater, or stove. When the kids arrived, I went out with water, a saucepan, milk, marshmallows, and hot chocolate mix. Sometimes, I'd have a 2nd pan for making hot soup, stew, or heating left-over chili. Hot pads protected the snow table from melting.

I'm reviewing these memories with everyone because they are such wonderful memories, and because that 2 year old, and when big enough, her younger sister, after the passage of 25 years, still talk about doing this with me. I made friends for life.

I did similar things with my own children, and they now do them with their children. If you are still of the age, and strength to do such things with children, you can make their winters magic, way better than going to the movies, or watching TV.

If like me, you are no longer able to physically do those types of activities, find something you can do. I plat Othello with my 7 year old grandson, making sure that he beats me every few games. Boy does he ever get excited when he beats grandpa. Plus, I give him pointers along the way, teaching him how to evaluate his moves, and develop strategies by looking 2 or 3 moves ahead.

Too many adults look at kids as a bother, or nuisance. If you give them your time, and love, they will give you the times of your life.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North

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