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Apr 24, 2012
Springfield, Missouri
I have a new pair of meat rakes. Usually I a tolerate most BBQ gadgets. My hands are the best BBQ until now! I smoked 5 butts this weekend. One of them was a little tighter than the others. In the past in I would have been forced to chop the butt. These meat rakes allowed me to pull this tight butt too (easy Greg ;)) I would recommend these to anyone cooking pulled pork!
Thanks but I do not need any Freddie Kreuger hands. My pushed pork is so tender I just pull it with a pair of dove feathers. If it dried up a bit sometimes it takes two plastic forks. Now ten years ago I never even heard of it. Us po white oilfield trash woulda thunk..Hmmm somebody overcooked that pork. lol. Now do folks really I mean pull chickens? That sounds unsanitary. I seen a few posts from folks who seem to be trying to do that. I aint sure. I cant tell if they are teasing or not. What do you think?
I do choke and pull chicken ;). I do whole chicken spatchcocked or "beer can" (sorry meathead). Folks love it. I have used it as a base for my boxes as well. In the winter my wife uses it in chili and also in dumplings

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