Mesquite Burger Poor Boy

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Sous Chef
Nov 28, 2003
It sure is quiet here this evening. My wife and daughter went out of town for a concert and my son is off working out so it's just me. Still not feeling all that great I didn't feel like cooking anything or going out for something to eat so I fell back on a couple of leftover mesquite burgers from last night. Good thing I picked up a loaf of Poor Boy bread on the way home. :D Warmed up two burger patties and made myself a nice Mesquite Burger Poor Boy. Dressed it with only diced onions, cheddar cheese and the last of that special sauce I made. I'll have to make a bigger batch sometime this weekend.

A nice cold bottle of refreshing liquid pain reliever went perfectly with this poor boy

I warmed the bread in the oven for a few minutes and it was perfectly crisp and flakey

Leftovers certainly can be a good thing!
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