My first tri-tip is coming soon!!

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Feb 28, 2011
I was mad when I learned I couldn't buy a tri-tip at local grocery stores in this part of the country. I even asked if I can order one and the grocery store guy said no. I did my homework and was ready to cook one and then was denied. Bummer.....

I knew it was gettable and all I had to do was spend a little extra effort. As it turned out, it was a lot easier than I thought. LOL.... I googled "Butcher shop near X" and called the closest google result. I was done....haha The butcher shop guy said they don't stock them, but it would be no problem and that I can order one. SOLD.......I'll be picking it up Thursday so I can cover it in rub and let it rest overnight.

So friday night I'll be grillin'me some 3-tip meat :P
Hey BN, you do not need to let it rest over night. Get a Santa Maria style rub, cover it in the rub and let it sit out at room temperature for several hours on a rack over a pan so it is not sitting in any juice. Put it on indirect cook it to 120°, move it direct for 2 minutes, flip it 2 more minutes, pull it, tent it loosely for ten minutes, slice (How To Carve A Tri-Tip Roast) it and then eat it. Don't slice it right and it will not be nearly as good as one done correctly.

If you cannot find any of this Susie Q or another true Santa Maria rub you can use Lawary's Garlic Salt and add about 25% more pepper.

I wish I could take credit for these directions, but they are from my friend Tri Tip and it has worked every time for me. He is the King of Tri Tip.
Step 1 is complete:

I was a little on the fence on how I wanted to season it, but I ended up doing the Santa Maria recipe since I had all the ingredients. It's bagged up and will rest until dinnertime tomorrow :D
I dumped some Worcestershire sauce into the meat-bag this morning.......... it just seemed like something worthy of adding.
I think it came out respectable..........

I took it off the fire with a 130deg internal temp. I expected to do indirect grilling, but it didn't happen. I kept the grill at 350-400 and kept basting and flipping to develop that black crust but it never quite got as black as expected.

I made a bit of a mess slicing it up....LOL

I think it looks pretty good!!

I have beers to drink, 2nd round masters coverage and movies to watch so I kept it simple.
Beef and spicy beans....

Catch y'all later...time to eat some beef/beans and watch some golf!!

OUT...for now.
Very flavorful!!! My wife was raving about it and she's a tough critic. (I loved it too) :D

Wow...Tiger was on fire and is in the hunt. Now it's movie time....gotta' love Fridays!
Great looking tri-tip BN. When I cook them, I use a Santa Maria Valley Seasoning from Susie Q's which contains California garlic, salt, pepper & parsley in a dry rub blend. I rub down the tri-tip about 1/2 hour before grilling it over the coals. I go direct heat all the way turning it about every 10 or 15 minutes until done. Also add some red oak wood for smoke. It comes out fantastic every time.

Great job!
Looks fantastic, Nut! Tri-tip is our fav for french dips.

Great job!

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