My Microwave Took A Powder

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Pigs On The Wing BBQ

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Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York
The transformer is shot along with the mag tube. So it's time for a new one. Any suggestions on what to buy? All it's used for is reheating a plate of food or a cup of coffee. Brother Jack gave me a Sharp but it's only 800 watts. Talk about slow! Any help would be great.

Thanks Scotty. That is what I'm looking for. 1200 watts should do the job, :shock: Plus It will fit in the built in wall oven I have now. It's a KitchenAid convection oven on the bottom and the microwave is above it. Bet that thing will blow the popcorn out the bag. :LOL:

Well just went and examined the one we own. I make my cup o green tea each AM with it. Its a Sharp Carousel and the Warden claims is 1100 watts. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Been in service at my crib since 98. All digital blah blah blah. I have to get the kids to show me how to work it when gets past the green tea. Now popcorn is easy cuz it has a button which say Popcorn on it. Heats stuff up muy pronto. Not much telling how much the technology has advanced in a decade or so. Nowadays they may make em to wipe your coola for ya. Who knows?

Kind of off topic, but the best one we ever had was our first: a Litton, from about 1980. It survived my young daughter's attempt to reheat some mashed potatoes (in the pot, with the lid on - I smelled smoke from the plastic knob and shut it off), and went on to cook for many more years. We also got great service from a Panasonic. The GE we had burned out two magnetrons (after the second one I replaced the whole thing).
Pigs On The Wing BBQ said:
All it's used for is reheating a plate of food or a cup of coffee???

I'm sorry, I'm not used to al the american habbits, but reaheating coffee?? It's something I never heard off.

Over here coffee made in a coffeepot, wich is kept on a small hotplate to keep it warm, and when the coffee in the mug is cold it's usually discarded and we get a fresh cup. Or it's "fresh made" in a Senseo coffeemachine, 1 or 2 fresh cups at the time.

btw, the "button" popcorn sounds smart. I whished they programmed a button like that over here...
That thang has two rows of food stuffs listed with the accompanying buttons. In addition to popcorn it also has such stuff as reheat dinner plate, rolls, casseroles etc. I cant think of all of them right now.

bbquzz said:
Pigs maybe you should check the electrical service coming into the house ... First the computer blows up next the microwave ... What next :LOL:

I did check it after the computer went to heck. Runs about 120-122 volts as I have a short run from the pole that has a transformer on it to the house. I had a huge glass container of taters in there that was for the boy's that I cater for on the pool league. It was old and just gave out. It was over 10 years old and has reheated a ton of food so I can't complain. I like the one Scotty recommended. The other thing I was thinking was a over the range type unit and put a replacement in the wall oven. Two is better than one. :D Brother Jack is looking for one. He is still in the appliance repair game. Me after 20 years had to give it up due to knee problems. I miss the people the most, Lot's of crazy folk out there! Just ask JB! :LOL:

You'll like it. The defrost ground meat setting actually works and doesn't brown the edges like so many others! The popcorn setting is dead on. The LED nightlight is nice when you get up at 2 in the morning to go to work.
Well old boy I heard about one time which kept having similar issues as described. Come to find out in his case it was a loose nut on the user control panel.

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