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I do it regularly.
for meatballs - 1 lb ground beef, season to preference, mix
divide in half - 2 pcs
divide in half - 4 pcs
divide in half - 8 pcs
divide in half - 16 pcs - form /hand roll into 16, 1 ounce meatballs.

pan fry for crust&color
finish in preheated / low oven 250'F - 10 minutes

8 are used for that meal - the other 8 go in a qt freezer zip lock bag, air squeezed out, into freezer.

just remember, when you use the frozen ones - they don't need to be "cooked" - just reheated. typically I thaw the meat balls and just toss them in the red sauce to heat up....
You have to have the proper equipment to vacu seal liquids.

Raw meatballs will definitely squish when you seal and will have to be rolled again, unless they are frozen solid. Partially cooked or cooked meatballs might squish, unless, again, they are frozen.
The OP was a bit confusing to me.

I wasn’t sure if he was asking about freezing meatballs or canning/packing them for shelf stable storage.

The old canning manuals had instructions for canning meats.

My mother used to can fried steaks, fried sausage patties, stew meat etc… using a pressure canner but I’ve never done it myself.

The internet is loaded with options for canning meatballs with sauce but I would check with the USDA, college extension groups or the Ball Blue Book folks for safe options.
HI TY, i have a bit of brain damage, so pase bear with me, i meant can you put the package in a jar and water or pressure canit? i use milk and eggs in mine
meats require pressure canning (high temps)
a (boiling) water bath is not hot enough.
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