Need Help with Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

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Jan 27, 2004
Okay first off, I am a low carb cooker
I've been working on trying to find a low carb peanut butter cookie recipe, and the best one i've found yet to suit my tastes is this:

1 Cup Peanut Butter
1 Cup Splenda (sugar replacement, drier, doesn't caramelise)
1 Egg

The cookies when baked at 375 for 12 minutes come out VERY crumbly
they are very hard to eat because of how crumbly they are, so I need them to hold together better, and if they were a bit gooeyer, it would help

The ingredients I can't use are:

The ingredients that can be used:
water (duh)
things like this

If someone could give me some tips on perfecting this recipe, I would appreciate it very much =)
Sorry to have found this so late, I hope this will still be of some use to you. There are a few things that I would suggest trying.

First one is either reduce oven temperature to 350, or cut back on cook time to 10 minutes (or even try both).

Second off, how are you making the cookies? Are you just dropping the dough onto a sheet? If that's what you are doing, I'd suggest you try rolling the dough into a ball, then mashing them down with a fork to get the typical peanutbutter cookie shape. I think this ought to help you out.

Lastly, what kind of peanut butter are you using? Some type of "creamy" variety of peanut butter would be better than using a chunky variety.

Hope this helps!
sounds worth trying, yes I was just dropping them on. I believe the recipe needs a bit of change too though, any thoughts here?
It actually sounds pretty spot on for your dietary restrictions. Give it a shot :)
A little bit of vital wheat gluten might help hold it together. Vital wheat gluten does have some carbs though.
RockandFire was right. You need to form them into balls, etc. I bake mine at 350 and check the bottoms after 10 min. to see if they have turned golden brown, yet.
I've been making these for over thirty-five years, since my children were young. My recipe calls for 1 tsp vanilla, also. Of course, that was pre-Splenda, however my daughter now makes them with Splenda and they're fine.
For those who can handle it, a chocolate kiss, pressed into the center instead of pressing with a fork is an extra special treat. I've also put two cookies together with jelly to make pb&j cookies. Great for kids to make, too--no flour.
Last year I tried a PB cookie that contained no flour - it was a flop. The cookie never got to a "done" consistency. It basically stayed in a blob of firm hot peanut butter. What a waste of a jar of Jif! :(

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