Non alcoholic wine substitute in cooking?

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May 15, 2020
Prior Lake
I don't drink any alcohol, and I would love recommendations as to what to use in dishes like Beef Bourgenon, Oscco Buco, etc. I usually use a dash of red/white wine vinegar (as it's not really alcoholic enough and you don't use much anyway), cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, homemade chicken stock with vinegar and sugar, etc. I would love to know of any other alternatives I could possibly use, of either red or white wine varieties in dishes.
Just leave it out. Using other liquids like vinegars or juices will alter the flavor of the dish. Some foods contain flavors that are released in the presence of alcohol. Those other subs won't have the same effect.

Consider a dash of soy, fish or Worcestershire sauces which are umami rich and will benefit your dish.
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