NuWave Cookbook?

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Jun 19, 2008
Shenandoah Valley, VA
Hello, everyone...

My husband (who does most of the cooking now-a-days (I cooked the first 30 years and it's his turn now)) bought a Nuwave countertop oven and would like to have more recipes.

"Why" he wants it, I don't know :rolleyes: - he leaves out everything he doesn't like which leaves meat and potatoes, but I thought I'd get him one for Christmas.

Is there a cookout out there exclusively for nuwave ovens? I've looked a bit on line and asked at Books a Million, but haven't found anything.

i don't think so. i have a friend who has that appliance also and only makes certain things in it. chicken, i think.
try their website if they have one and see if they have a "store" to purchase accessories. I've only seen this appliance on TV and wondered about it. let us know how it works out - I've thought of buying one but have done this with other TV things and was disappointed. Keep us posted.
I have one and love the thing. It's great for cooking in those hot summer months! We don't have AC so during the summer I seldom used my big oven due to more heat in the house! I'm actually on my second one as my daughter took my first one home with her. As a renter she can still prepare oven food but won't have to worry about cleaning the big oven if she relocates. I can cook an entire meal for two and never have to turn on the big oven. The ovens come with a cooking chart and helpful tips and tricks. They cook with the usual time per pound method. The chart gives guidelines for cooking everything from whole chickens to fish fillets! I've never been able to cook a roast or whole chicken in my big oven without terrible results but in my little oven they come out perfect every time. I also use mine at harvest time to prep foods for the freezer and it dries herbs beautifully. It's also nice to have an extra oven during the holidays. There are usually infomercials on Sundays for both the Flavorwave and the Nuwave ovens. Catch one on TV sometime and see what you think. The oven does everything they say it does! I have never baked cookies and other sweets in mine as they are not on my DH's diet but it can be done. I have also never cooked meat from the frozen state as I'm always home and can defrost it first. There is an extensive thread at entirely devoted to recipes for these ovens. I would have loved one of these ovens during our camping days with the kids! I'm a big fan and now would never be without one!
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