October 7, 2023 - Seafood Saturday (around here, at least)

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Dec 6, 2009
Mid-Atlantic, USA
We had seared shrimp, shredded potatoes and corn (likely the last of the season) What did the rest of you have for dinner tonight?

Probably the last batch of one of my favorite tomato/pasta salads, using probably the last bit of basil I'll get (basil is always the first to be slowed by cold), until I start the hydroponics. I went around and cut the tips of all the basil, and ended up with over 2 c of small leaves - still a bunch of Thai basil, surprisingly. Tomatoes are still coming in some, and this had 3 lbs of diced up tomatoes, 1 lb of them cherries. I cooked 1¼ c black beans, with 2/3 c spelt in the Instant Pot - these cook in about the same time, and when they had drained, I cooked the pasta, and drained it on top of the beans and spelt, to sort of reheat them, then mixed them all together.
Maybe the last batch of hot pasta salad of the season, with the last basil, given the cold weather. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

The hot pasta, black beans, and spelt, added to the tomatoes, garlic, basil, anchovies, capers, olives, EVOO, and wine vinegar. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Finished hot pasta salad by pepperhead212, on Flickr
The Ruitan club that my cousins belong to held a fund-raising dinner (for scholarships to award to local students). We hosted about 9 other people and feasted on prime rib, baked potatoes, green beans and lemon cake. I only finished about 1/3 of the meat (saved the rest for tomorrow) but finished all of the green beans and baked potato and lemon cake.
We are visiting my B.I.L. for the Thanksgiving weekend. We stopped on the way here and picked up a pizza for DH and his brother. I got a steak sub. It has become a tradition that we stop at that resto on the way here. According to DH and his brother, they make a good pizza. They do a good job on that steak sub.
Pulled the last cast iron pan of Stuffed Giant Shells from the freezer the other day and popped it in the oven for supper last night. My intention was to eat only half... but somehow the other 3 ended up gone as well - guess I'll have to figure out something else for lunch today. :(
Small store bought pumpkin pie - not as good as homemade but satisfied the craving without the work.

23.08.28 oven ready.jpg

Think it was the blue one on the left. Does colour make a difference in taste? Was it tastier than the one on the right (grey) or maybe I was just hungrier? Was great and already have the ingredients for the next batch.
How did your changes work out?

I think you like your new bowls. 😀
Roasting all the vegetables and making the curry sauce using a chicken stock instead of a water base certainly made for a better depth of flavour and the sauce was more silky than before. I also used red shallots rather than onion and brunoised all the vegetables which gave a more even cooking consistency. I also cooked the curry sauce separately in a saucepan at first before adding it to the claypot where the vegetables were roasted in the oven.
Overall, more work than usual but the small tweaks and attention to each element and step of the process made the dish more appealing and tasty. MrJade approved wholeheartedly.

Yes, I do really like my new bowl set. I’m one of those who came up through the whole “food must be served on a white china plate” mentality that is so prevalent in restaurants, so some colour that pops is pleasant to me.

Thanks for your input!
I like those pans. Do you have a link?
They were one of those things I got at a big box grocery store. I've looked on Amazon but the only enameled one they have is a 6" round.
There are some square ones but none are enameled and the sizes are all over the place.

Mine are 5". square and approx 1" deep. I really like them. I've not used them on a burner, only baked in them. At least so far.

Sorry I couldn't find others for you. If you don't necessarily want enameled - there are over 196 pages of cast iron on Amazon for you to choose from! :LOL:

I keep eyeballing those oval ones - many of which come with wooden trivets for serving.

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