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Andy M.

Certified Pretend Chef
Sep 1, 2004
Without revealing the source of my inspiration, I decided to make a frittata for dinner. It included green bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, ham and cheese. What's going on in your kitchen?

We had smoked salmon on bagels. This time we tried using some of my homemade quark instead of cream cheese. That worked fine. It was a little different than cream cheese, but I wouldn't say it was better or worse. There was also sliced onion and capers on the bagels. We had pickles to go with that. Pickles are a veg, eh?
I made some chili, due to the cool weather starting up again. I used some frozen venison - a friend called me up to see if I had any room in my freezer (he got a very early deer this morning), and I told him it's packed, and that made me realize I had to start using what I have! So I thawed 1 1/2 lbs he gave me last season, and made some chili in the IP, with standard ingredients - onions, garlic, maybe 5 different dried chiles, a couple chopped jalapeños, Mexican oregano, and about half a disk of Mexican chocolate, before pressure cooking the meat 30 minutes, and let the pressure release naturally. I also added a large can of pintos, after the meat was cooked by itself, and simmered it with some masa harina added to thicken it. And some corn tortillas, as always!

Venison chili, 1 1/2 lbs meat, with 30 oz pinto beans. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Venison chili, with a couple of charred corn tortillas. by pepperhead212, on Flickr
Finally finished my mac & cheese with sweet peas, and had it with a hot dog on a Sweet Hawaiian hot dog bun. First time I've tried the hot dog buns in that flavor - it was an interesting combination.

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