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Sep 11, 2021
during the last year i've created four albums of music that i've found {collections}. many of which are pretty rare and many are not even can be detected with song detectors. some are not even on the internet.

i can let you download those from my pcloud account. i thought to let you first listen the the second one and then the fourth then the first and at the end the third.

i think you will be awed by them.

usually i put a cd copy of these on public small libraries. but really want to let you listen too..

do you want perhaps?

something to note is that to make it a truly magical experience i haven't included the songs names..

if you want send me a private message or tell me here

your magical friend :ninja:
I like some of those tracks. Looks like you haven't "polished them up"" yet.
I am not into those metal-like songs but some other songs are to my liking. Thanks for the link.

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