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My belly is too full. I didn't even eat that much:ohmy:. Is that a petty vent/gripe?

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North

+1 here Chief! After doing all the cooking I guess, I just wasn't too hungry. It may have been that I turned the heater up for MIL. She complains of being cold at our house. With the heater turned up by 2 degrees and 2 ovens going, the ice water just wasn't keeping me cool. Still too hot in here for me! I may go out on the porch or something.

I have a younger sister that is a schmuck!
She calls our Mother maybe once every 2-3 months;
very rarely came to visit her even though she only
lived a 2 hour car ride away.

Now, do you think that the b____ could have called her
Mother on Thanksgiving?


AHH! But wait!
She's been all over the different Social Media sites
patting herself on the back for making her very
first Thanksgiving meal for her family.


I'm beyond P.O'd!

Mom is still sitting there, clutching her cell phone,
wishing that her youngest would call her.

This just breaks my heart.
Oh dear, K-girl! I must say, I have a cousin much like your sister. When we all lived in California, it was an unsaid rule that Thanksgiving was at my house and Christmas at hers. I made all the traditional dishes, they brough a bottle of wine or flowers, if I was lucky. Christmas at her house was she bought tamales...

Anyway, one year, she called me to say that her family (hubby + 3 kids) would not be attending Thanksgiving. She hoped that her mother and her brother's family would still be invited. I told her, sure, of course. Then she told me, oh, good, because she'll be having FRIENDS over for Thanksgiving.


Let's just say, when we moved, I forgot to send her our new address.
Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrow

This is a serious gripe! I'm very concerned! For some reason, not too long ago, they changed the way the left-turn arrows work. It used to go from Green Arrow to Yellow Arrow and then to Red Arrow. Folks knew that time was running out when they saw that Yellow Arrow. Many folks seem to regard that Yellow Arrow means go now or you'll lose your turn.

Recently, they changed them so that half way thru the Green Light for straight traffic, the Yellow Arrow starts doing a blinking arrow. It seems that many folks aren't paying too much attention and they think Yellow means I better stomp on the gas or I'll miss my turn.

We've had several situations where we are going straight and all of a sudden the left turn folks start turning right into the oncoming traffic (US!)!!! OMG! It was really close one time, in the motorhome and folks, just so you know, big rigs need more space to stop! This is really dangerous. I've seen cars do this in front of fuel trucks too! It was close and DH was looking for a place to put us, so that we wouldn't be "involved" in what looked like might happen!

Today, we went to MIL's to pay her bills. On the way back, there was a horrible accident. Guy in a Smart Car clearly did something not so smart! While we didn't witness the actual crash, I'm pretty sure it was a situation like I've described above. A really bad mess. It may have happened only a minute before we got there. Thank goodness I stopped to show MIL some photos on my phone just before we left!

They really, really need to get rid of the flashing yellow arrows. People don't get it!
I can't tell you how many times I've had to take evasive maneuvering skills because someone pulled out of a side street when the roads wee slick with ice, even wet ice (almost no friction on wet ice) to avoid a collision. Usually, there was no one behind me at all, and the errant driver then pulled off the main street a block sown the road. I've even had to steer into snowbanks to avoid hitting other stupid drivers.

I'm not a big fan of cameras everywhere monitoring our every move. However, I sometimes wish there were cameras monitoring stretches of road just to capture such illegal actions as Failure to Yield right of Way, and police would show up ta the perpetrators home with a hefty fine.

I know that accidents will happen. But there are just some rude, and dangerous drivers out there that should have their driving privilege's revoked.

My best example is from when I was taking my drivers test with the Secretary of State officer who would say yay, or nay to me getting my first drivers license. My reflexes have always been fast, and i had a few years of driving snowmobiles, and dirt bikes under my belt, which further honed my skills. I was driving uphill on a four lane busy road. The weather was poor, rainy, and night time. I was in the right hand lane traveling the speed limit of 35 mph. There was a small grocery store just ahead where patrons would enter, or rxit their parking lot. just as I approached, a driver shot out of the parking lot, and I had no time to even hit the breaks to avoid a collision. Reflexively, i glanced left and saw the lane was clear, and shot into that lane. I was able to avoid what the inspector thought was going to be a sure collision. His knuckles were white as he gripped the arm rests. He turned to me and said that i had made a few minor mistakes, but that after avoiding that accident, I passed my driving tests, and the minor mistakes were forgotten. i responded with a thank you, and told him I couldn't have gotten into a wreck, as my older sister had let me borrow her car for the test, and if I had wrecked it, she would have killed me:LOL:.

And yeh, I agree, when some new traffic signal, or process is installed, many are the people who misunderstand how to interpret them. We had our first roundabout installed at a very busy intersection. i saw people entering it and traveling the wrong direction on it, as they had no cue how to se it, or why there were two lanes in it. There were even a few accidents. And this is not anything against Canadian drivers, but it seemed travelers from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. ad more difficulty than their U.S. counterparts. To be fair, most Michiganders had a difficult time navigating the one-way streets of downtown Soo, Ont. I guess it's just what you're used to.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
I'm not a big fan of cameras everywhere. Last year, a car pulled across a highway and my husband unavoidably hit them. It was on a highway camera because it is a busy inlet to a gas station. There, right on video no question of why or what, or who's fault it was. The other driver is in prison now, it is sad all around.
Lots of stupid drivers out there. I got a dash cam in my semi truck. 3 bad accidents involving trucks in the past couple weeks. Caused by the car running a stop sign and hitting another vehicle that slammed into a semi. Next a suv pulled out infront of the truck. The suv burned to the ground. 2 occupants life flighted. The third one caused by the car slamming on his breaks to turn with no signal. That one caused a chain reaction 3 cars one semi. One was my little cousin. 16 years old. Luckily he walked away without a scratch.
This is a really petty vent.

We watch TV news daily, local and national. I wish the local stations and the networks would show some imagination and show a clip of anything other than someone getting a shot in the arm every time COVID is the topic. I figure I've personally seen every other person in America get a vaccination.
I commonly went thru a little village with little or no traffic. It did have a school and a church.

One day there was a wedding. A car was parked at the corner, I could not see for on coming traffic, (it is a main thru-fare) nor kids. I did get thru, no mishaps but on the way back, the car was still there.

I got out and wrote a note, "Watch for a picture of your car with the corner street signs, the picture will also include your license plate. See it on Youtube and Facebook. Maybe your boss will see it."

Stuck it in the windshield and left.
My petty vent has been annoying more and more for a few years. It's that stores are carrying less and less whole grain pasta and bread and replacing it with gluten free stuff. This is great for people with coeliac disease or actual gluten intolerance or sensitivity. I'm happy that they can find these foods more easily now. But, I hate the marketing that is getting people to buy more expensive gluten free stuff because it's "healthier". It's only healthier for people who don't tolerate gluten.

Another one having to do with baked goods and pasta. Stop calling it whole grain, when the first ingredient is "unbleached flour" or "enriched flour". That's white flour. And don't call it 100% whole grain when it has soy flour, chickpea flour, or flax seed meal. Soy, chickpeas, and flax are not grains.
+1 on your vents, taxlady! For us and our critters too!

Although, for my dogs, I do like to avoid Corn, Wheat, Soy and Beef, but that is due to those being the most common reasons for dog food recall...and dogs just don't need corn, wheat or soy...they are fillers. And beet pulp is just to sweeten it, it doesn't improve it. And beef makes Stanley gassy anyway! Clear the room gassy! Ooops...TMI? Sorry!
My petty vent has been annoying more and more for a few years. It's that stores are carrying less and less whole grain pasta and bread and replacing it with gluten free stuff. This is great for people with coeliac disease or actual gluten intolerance or sensitivity. I'm happy that they can find these foods more easily now. But, I hate the marketing that is getting people to buy more expensive gluten free stuff because it's "healthier". It's only healthier for people who don't tolerate gluten.
There are a few grocery items I like that I haven't been able to find locally, so I bought them through Amazon.
Alec Baldwin gets a news special to talk about how innocent he is? What a load of BS! If it were any "normal" person they would presumed guilty before the trial even started.
Had to go to Freddie's today. Found ginger snaps, thank goodness, for the Christmas sauerbraten...among other things. Relieved to be back home as there were too many people rushing...I guess they all have to poop really bad! Glad to be home in one piece!
My petty vent is more of a disappointment. We were supposed to be heading to Cornwall, ON to visit my m-i-l and b-i-l for the holidays. They both have cold symptoms. They are both double vaxed, but people are still getting the omicron variant of C-19, who are double vaxed. And, the symptoms of omicron are more "cold like". In a couple of studies of vaxed people who came down with omicron, over half didn't even have an elevated temperature. Well, we don't want to risk omicron. Heck, we don't even want risk of catching a cold.

So, we were thinking that maybe we could visit for New Year's. But, cases have been surging in Quebec and they will be announcing new restrictions at 18h00. The government had already announced some new restrictions a day or two ago. We will have to follow restrictions of two separate provinces, if the in-laws are feeling better soon. Sigh. I think we'll be visiting the in-laws for Easter.
I AM LIVID!! That the ER doctor didn't give DD an antibiotic!! Her doctor said he didn't get the whole cyst, and it got so infected. What surgeon does a procedure and not prescribe antibiotics? Heck, even when you get a tooth pulled, you get a script to prevent infection. She's in so much pain.
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