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Sep 1, 2004
I received a Pfaltzgraff pie plate as a gift. The care instructions said that the bottom is rough and might scratch countertops. I have a new house and definitely don't want that. Instructions say that the bottom can be sanded - I have some 200 grain fine sandpaper and might try that. Anyone familiar with this plate? Have you had any scratching problems? Does it bake well enough to justify the hassle? Thanks!
Is this the one with the bluebird in the center? It's unglazed on the bottom only?

What a nice gift for a cook! If it seems really rough on the bottom, I'd say it's worth any trouble to smooth it, if you like the plate! And I would think that using a fine-grit sandpaper is a good way to do it. ;)
Otter...I also sell Pfaltzcraft dishes in my stores....we usually recommend using a wet scotchbrite pad or you could also use a wet/dry sandpaper as it is very fine and will not leave large scratches on your plate. Keep your friends...they give NICE 8)

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