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At the beginning of the show, the eventual winner was shown with a square grill, identified on screen as a Weber grill.

Did Weber ever make a square grill? Or did the producers make a mistake? (Nah... couldn't be. Could it?) :shock:
I'm just not a fan of this kind of format...BBQ pitmasters or not...It's great to see the teams I have interviewed on the show and I am happy that get new and broader exposure...but it's "just ok for me, dawg"...My personal opinion would be that they change the name of the show if it makes it another season...since the format from season 1 to season 2 changed so much...the name doesn't seem to fit...but just my $0.02 I will continue to watch for sure!
It was fun to see Melissa Cookston after hearing your interviews, even better that she is in the hunt for the 100G's. It will be fun to see some of the others like Diva Q and Big Mista. Being a reality TV junkie I'll keep watching, but wish a Chris Lilly or Ray Lampe type were hosting. Kevin Roberts really does not fit the show, he doesn't seem in control. I think a real BBQ champ could sell the new format.
I think the point was made when they cooked the crown pork roast. One team cooked it until pullable and the rest cooked it like you would expect a trained Chef to cook it. Which is better? There are a whole lot more Chefs out there that would scream if you cooked a crown pork roast that way, but there is also a lot of bbq guys, maybe even more, that would just hammer it pulled.

A French Chef would just stab you if you dared to vear from tradition. A BBQ guy would take the knife away from him and then beat the living crap out of him.

So who's right??

The guy didn't loose because of his pulled crown pork roast. He screwed up the tators. NOBODY should screw up the tators!

I'm sorry. But I am starting to like it even though the characters are acting over the top. There are tidbits of info to be had and every little thing helps.
well the host is horrible, the production is so tired it's dead, and the
concept is infuriating to me as a comp cook, but I'll still watch just
to see people cooking outdoors.

I understand the direction they went in, and I don't like it, but I also
underdstand why.
The host is about as fake as you can get. All he has is pretty teeth(My wifes observasation not mine) and a knack for the age old Ryan Seacrest I want to kill that guy method of saying "After the break!"

Thank the Lord for DVR and fast forward.

We have a few stories to tell after it is all done
Dang funny deals But ya sign a agreement to keep ya yap shut
so you do it
I think it's an ok show and watchable, but so is chopped or down home with the neely's. Last year they had something different, something special, something new. I don't know if they had great ratings or not, but I know I'd make an effort to watch it, this year it don't really matter to me.
I'm so infuriated with the dumbing down of this show that I just can't watch it. I seriously get mad at the people that screwed this up. It used to be something my wife and I would look forward to tuning into. This new format is crap, it's fakey, it's nonsensical (making someone put out their pits without even trying the food they were there to make?!?), it's way too overproduced, I hate the artificial lighting, there's little element of contestants' personalities (compared to the old format), the host should be selling used cars, I just... can't say enough about what I hate about it.

Can't freaking stand it. I bet the contestants can't either! Going all that way just to be shot down because you're not a professional at making rattlesnake?! I think they did that just to make people mad and will probably bring all those eliminated in that fashion back for an honest competition. Getting people's blood to boil probably helps ratings through word of mouth on how stupid it is.

I should write a letter, but what's the point. If they had any brains they'd just take a look at their Facebook page and GET A CLUE. I'd leave a doozy of a comment there but I have no desire to get a Facebook account.

Someone should be fired over this.

There I go again, getting all worked up over a stupid TV show...

Sorry for rambling. :oops:
Just want to put this out there. This season of BBQ Pitmasters is doing better than last years. More people are watching.

So um who do you think should be fired?????????
Still Kevin Roberts, sorry Diva I hate to disagree with one of my favs. I saw Chris Lilly and Fast Eddie on the Today Show the other day and either would be a better host and the numbers would be up even more than they are now. I'm sure they will spike tonight with all the BBQ Centralites following you ... Good luck!
Diva Q said:
Just want to put this out there. This season of BBQ Pitmasters is doing better than last years. More people are watching.

So um who do you think should be fired?????????

So um for starters, the genius that thought it was a good idea to invite someone to a BBQ contest and then eliminate them with a surprise side-contest before trying their specialty. I realize it's a gimmick to get ratings, but it doesn't fly with me. I thought initially that a five-year old came up with the concept, but then thought twice - five-year olds are smarter than that.

Oh, and the lighting guys. They really need to turn off the lights blazing on the side of the truck, trying to make it look like a sunset.

And the people that take every expression anyone makes, then recycles them out of context to show "concern" or "surprise." Sorry, I just can't stand overproduction. Fake.

And whoever came up with the music. Sounds like Iron Chef America. Yawn. Get original, people!

I feel that the first season was "real" and not a game show. I'd rather watch Johnny Trigg cook an honest BBQ than wasting TV time jumping through hoops trying to cook alligator (yes, obviously I watched it again last night - it's still better than nothing). No disrespect to you or the other contestants - you're the only "honest" thing about the whole show. I just wish they'd put you in a better format. Talk more TO you, more about your history, more about your favorite cooking methods and why, more about your equipment, more about BBQ- I think you deserve it and it'd certainly make for better TV in my book.

I'm curious to see if they'll continue the show next year, and if so, what format. There's plenty of room to improve, and plenty of room to worsen - maybe next year they'll have to (surprise!) eat spiders before allowing them to BBQ or they'll be sent home. I got that idea from a four-year old, so I think they might go with it.

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