Pressure canning cassoulet - how much time in the canner?

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Oct 15, 2023

I am looking to pressure can (in a Presto pressure canner) cassoulet - no meat, essentially cannellini beans cooked in tomato sauce (there is leek and celery in there but not a lot, it is essentially cannellini beans and tomato, very thick). I cannot find any guidance for the time required in the pressure canner. Can anyone provide any advice? Thank you!
I would tailor your recipe to be like this one.
It's a beans w/tomato or molasses sauce, variations on the sauce.
You can pressure can either pints or quarts. I believe a non-meat white bean tomato type sauce is what you have and it would work. Good luck and feel free to show us pictures or follow up on how it worked out for you.
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