Processing with rusty rack in canner

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Oct 27, 2021
Port Washington
Long story short, I just helped my 90 year old parents can 21 quarts of pears when towards the end I noticed the water was orange colored in the canner because her rack is rusty. Mom felt it is safe because the jars are closed shut when you put them in and with boiling. It just grossed me out and I want to be sure the contents are safe for my grandkids. I personally would have bought a new rack but God forbid you throw something out! Can I believe the pears are safe?
Thanks. Can't sleep!
Hi and welcome to Discuss Cooking [emoji2]

You can relax - the pears are fine. One of the things canning does is push air out of the jars as the contents are boiling. Getting the air out creates a vacuum seal and prevents water from the canning pot from getting into the jars.
Hi CEEZEE, Welcome to DC.

Absolutely what GG has said. Don't worry, everything is fine.

Mine is a bit rusty too. I'm like your parents. Heaven forbid you throw anything away!

Just scrub it well and make sure it is dry when put away for the season. Next season give it another scrub before using.

Not that it makes a difference to the canning process but it will make you feel better when you don't see the colouring of the water so much. ;)

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