pulled chicken, what wood? and other questions....

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Jan 1, 2007
long time no post ;)

thinking about smoking some chickens tomorrow. been a while since I've done them. what wood would y'all use? I have cherry & maple chunks and apple chips.

I always use cherry for ribs and apple for butts. I've yet to use the maple. thought it might work well with chickens.

I've never done pulled chicken but have smoked chickens before but it's been a few years.

thinking about 275-300*. I know it's done when it's done but about 4 hours sound right? and for pulled chicken just do a rub and smoke? maybe mop from time to time, rest and pull?

any advice would be great. just gonna do pulled chix sandwiches.

oh yea I should note that I'm using a Chargriller offset type smoker.
Gordon, I'd suggest using the maple and apple to smoke. I've not used maple, but am guessing it would give a nice light color as oppsed to the cherry. If you're cooking at 275-300* I'd guess your time would be much less than 4 hours. I don't normally cook at that temp, but I hear folks saying they do for chicken. Put a little rub on the outside and inside, add a stick of butter inside too! Be sure to post pics of the cook!
I go apple about 275-300F nice crisp skin and about two and a half hours to three max on the WSM with no water pan and lump. There is a difference doing whole chicken as to a few half chickens. The half chicken cooks faster. I'd rather take my time and do a whole one. In the fall we make soup.My .02

I reallly like spatched chickens. I like to get up under the skin with a salty rub. Smoke at 300-325 for 45 min or so and finish with the skin down. Lots of juice forms in the concaves to help with moisture.

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