Question about Alfredo, need reply asap :)

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Sep 30, 2004
Im trying to cook some alfredo or something like that, but I only have imitation parmesan due to my boyfriends mistake. Im an unexpereienced cook and need a little help on how to make this and if it will even taste decent? All I know is you need to put the noodles and some oil and let it cook with some parmesan in there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
mtbound...take a look under pasta and other grains...there is a whole thread on alfredo sauce. I know you can make it with the fake stuff and it will be fine. Good luck.
The original alfredo sauce was just pasta noodles tossed olive oil, garlic, parsley and parmasean. This eventually evolved into the creamy version today. Either way, this is one of the two ways I will eat pasta, the other is pesto sauce. Good luck.

i'm sorry, know this reply came a little too late...
i made alfredo for my Mom and i for lunch not so long ago with a little olive oil, butter, and canned cheese, and while it wasn't the BEST, it was acceptable. we were painting the inside of the house and only had like a minute for lunch, but we both enjoyed it.

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