Question About Ginger Cookie Recipe

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Dec 23, 2010
Hello everyone~ I'm a lil new here and wanted to ask your collective opinion about a cookie recipe I wanted to try.

This is the recipe I want to try to make. However I do not have molasses or turbinado sugar as the recipe calls for, and I don't really have the extra funds to just run out and buy them, however inexpensive they might be. I gotta use what I got on hand! So, the questions I have are;

Can these be made without the molasses and still taste good, and can these be made using normal granulated sugar, or perhaps a mix of normal sugar and brown sugar, or something of the like?

Wanted to try making some cookies for Christmas this year, and these sounded rather tasty!
Awe darn! Oh well, maybe another time then, haha! Thank you for the quick reply!

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