Question about thawing a turkey

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Nov 23, 2022
I bought a small frozen 6 pound fully cooked (smoked) turkey on Saturday. It's now Wednesday and I am nervous that it has been thawing in the fridge too long. will a 6 pound turkey that is fully cooked be ok for Thanksgiving tomorrow? Thanks.
Hello Imlitz, welcome to DC.
If it has been in the fridge the entire time, then yes, it is safe.
I will assume that there is no stuffing in the cavity?
Even if it was a raw turkey it would be fine. And it is supposed to last even longer if left in the original packaging. Since yours is cooked it should last much longer than raw.
I took my 18 lb turkey out last Friday. Put in the fridge. Since it was thawing very slowly I took it out a couple hours each day until yesterday. It is now in the fridge, dried well and seasoned very well. I dry brine my turkey. Liquid brine's IMO change the texture of meat. I quit doing it.
Tomorrow mine is ready for the oven.
In the future I will remove from the freezer at least a whole week or longer depending on weight before the big day. I like 3 days of dry brine.
The bones in your turkey may still be frozen keeping the turkey colder than you think. I have bought smoked turkey in the past. It should be okay.

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