Red Velvet Cake?

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Jul 11, 2011
Hi All,
I'm new to this forum.I am from Melbourne Australia and love cooking. I have seen a beautiful red velvet cake online.. Could someone please give me a recipe and some info of it's origin?
Happy cooking!!
The red velvet cake and it's history can be found if you do a search on "Big Oven". I found a very good example. I hope it helps you. 
Hi Sjak, I'm also new to this forum, but I recently found a good Red Velvet Cake recipe on the BBC website:

Its actually for a three tiered wedding cake, but it lists the ingredients for each tier seperately, so it easy to make just one. I used sponge flour instead of the plain flour and baking soda. I also used a cream cheese buttercream to cover and fill the cake. The final product tasted delicious.

Good luck.
Oh yes I was thinking of the same link, what an amazing cake.
I think she is one of my favourite chefs. She also does some dam good petit fours and lots of delicious savoury recipes too.
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