Review of Gourmet's new Cookbook

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Sep 9, 2004
NoVA, beyond the Beltway
Just as I suspected. People are put off by the light yellow, hard-to-read typeface for the titles of the recipes. Publisher says titles will be in "better" color in subsequent editions. The index also got poor reviews.

Other than these two annoyances, review was positive.
Obviously, I'm getting old and stubborn, but I prefer text that is easy to read...good ole black and white. The yellow would drive me bonkers!

Thanks for the heads up.
it works well in flourenscent lighting, but forget living room light. what were they thinking???
The book is beautiful but I agree with Robo -- what were they thinking?

The yellow on white makes for big headache to read.
I bought a copy... and I have to agree.. that yellow is toooo hard to read. Good book though. It's got a million good recipes.

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