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Feb 16, 2010
Ontario, Canada
I'm making dinner for my room mate and myself tonight. I was thinking of making risotto. Does anyone have any suggestions about what goes well it it? I was thinking maybe some sugar snap peas and this artichoke recipe that I want to try.
I think risotto is an open canvas. It works great with nothing and it works great with ton and tons of different things. I love artichoke risotto and I bet sugar snap peas would be great too. Just make sure not to put the peas in too early. They should go in towards the end I would think.
Do you mean what goes well "in it" or "with it?"

If you mean "in it" -- I agree with GB. It's a blank canvass. And I would put the peas in toward the end, as well.

If you mean "with it" -- it depends what type of risotto you're making!

And whatever recipe you're using -- make sure to add a splash of wine/something acidic! That's what helps break down the rice and make it creamy.

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